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Mertens Hospitality

owners of fine dining venues in grand rapids, mi

Mertens Prime

French steakhouse and bistro

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Cafe Mertens

Beignets and Poutine

Mertens Rooftop

Unrivaled rooftop views with bar and dining options

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Mertens Consulting

Airport lounge and F&B expertise

Mertens Hospitality was founded in 2017 with the opening of New Hotel Mertens Brasserie, located in the former lobby and dining room of the 1914-hotel of the same name.   In 2020, the restaurant was re-named Mertens Prime, though it maintained all of the original French sensibilities of the brasserie.  Grand Rapids Magazine named the restaurant in its Top 10 restaurants list in Grand Rapids in 2020 and again in 2021.

In 2018, the company developed and opened Mertens Rooftop, and it has quickly become the premier outdoor venue in Grand Rapids with unrivaled views of the skyline and unobstructed sunsets; set against a selection of fine food and beverage and elegant French ambiance.

In 2019, the company opened Cafe Mertens.  This small venue with its own entrance on the corner of Oakes and Commerce focuses on street-food with French roots.  Hot beignets and cafe au lait are featured in the morning.  Frites and a wide variety of poutine are featured after noon.

9th St. Steaks was added to the roster during the height of the pandemic crisis in 2020; offering premium, from-scratch cheesesteaks, onion rings, fries and shakes.


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