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Option 1: Private events can be booked from 13 up to 45 standing guests and 30 seated guests.  Unless booked in off-hours, given the small-size of the facility, semi-private events and partial buy-outs are not possible for most occasions.   Pricing is based on a food and beverage minimum.  Our events team will provide pricing for you.  Please click the Option 1 inquiry link for more information about your specific event.  

Option 2:  ***Before proceeding, please note there are no dates available currently in summer 2022**.  Special Occasion Reservation.  Mertens Rooftop is a first-come first-serve facility due to our small-size.   We accepted reservations in the past, but no-shows significantly hurt the team & the business; and having cancellation fees didn't work well with our guests.  To solve this, for occasions where making a reservation is essential (proposal, anniversary, etc.) -- Mertens opens up a limited amount of reservations about 7-10 days out on a rolling-basis for up to 12 guests that require a flat $360 minimum amount of food & beverage spend which is pre-paid and non-refundable and excludes tax & tip.  If weather becomes a barrier, a table will be provided at Mertens Prime where the same terms apply.  

***TO SEARCH FOR AVAILABLE DATES, ALWAYS INPUT EXACTLY 10-GUESTS INTO THE OPEN TABLE SEARCH ENGINE***; even if you have fewer guests.  Open Table allows only a per guest charge, so to get to the $360 charge, 10-guests are needed to be booked *and* "EXPERIENCES" must be available (Open Table will use that term specifically; if you arent making an EXPERIENCES reservation, then it is NOT for the rooftop).  We will contact you to understand precisely how many guests (from 1 up to 12) will be in your party.

Availability is typically limited until 7-10 days before the date searched.  

Reservations are completely non-refundable even due to illness, weather or any other factor.

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