Do You Take Reservations?

Does Haute take reservations?

Haute will not be taking reservations in 2019. Other than during special events, Haute will be first-come, first-serve

If I made a reservation for the main floor brasserie, does it include a reservation at Haute?

Though all of our guests are invited to enjoy Haute before or after their meal in our brasserie, with only 40 seats at Haute we are not able to reserve Haute when our guests are dining at our brasserie.

Can I reserve the entirety of Haute for a private party or event?

Yes, please take a look at our Haute Event Guide here, and contact us about your event here. Haute can also be combined with our indoor venues which opens up many options for business meetings, weddings, rehearsal dinners and most any other event you can dream of.

How does the Haute waitlist work?

With capacity for only 40 guests at Haute there are often more guests that wish to visit Haute than we have capacity for. Because of this we often keep a wait-list. You can join that waitlist only by personally visiting the host-stand on the ground floor of New Hotel Mertens. Once on the list we will text you when your table is ready. To respect all of our guests that are on the waitlist we must remove a guest from the list if/when they do not arrive within 10 minutes of being texted by our staff and they will effectively lose their spot in line. We don't like when that happens, so please please please don't be late!

What time does the Haute waitlist open?

You may place your name on the waitlist for Haute as early as 1 hour before the opening time at Haute. Please keep in mind that only guests that are present at the host-stand many be placed on the list.

Is the main floor bar open late while I wait, even if it's late at night?


Lunch and Brunch at Haute

On what days does Haute offer lunch and brunch?

Starting on a date to be determined in May 2019, Lunch is offered on Fridays from 11:30AM. Brunch is offered Saturdays and Sundays from 10AM.

What is on the Friday Haute lunch menu?

Our Friday lunch is a light buffet that includes takes on our sandwiches, salads and desserts. The price includes all food and water.

Can reservations be made for Haute lunch or brunch?

Haute does not take reservations and is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have a reservation for their Brasserie and wish to go to the rooftop instead, you may certainly do so if space is available on the rooftop at that time.

What is on the Haute weekend brunch menu?

The Haute brunch is a continental-style buffet for breakfast items plus a variety of sandwiches and salads. Pricing includes all food and water.

How much is Friday lunch and/or weekend brunch?

We'll have pricing details soon, but the plan is for the buffet to be one-price for all food, and for beverages to be purchased a la carte.

Haute Menu

Does Haute have the same menu as the main floor Brasserie?

Haute is primarily a cocktail lounge with a very light food menu consisting of the freshest seafood served cold, artisinal French cheeses, charcuterie, and carefully prepared vegetables. Haute offers a full bar and cocktail list.

Can I bring my food from the Brasserie up to Haute?

Haute has soft seating (think sofas-- sort of like a nice outdoor living room); and so since it's not equipped like a dining room it makes eating certain foods very difficult and easily spillable upon the furniture. So we do not permit bringing food up from the main floor Brasserie or Bakery. It's worth noting that for private events we can prepare a wider range of food and beverage. Those details can be found in our Haute event guide.

DJ Events at Haute