Seat yourself at any empty table. Join the queue via this LINK and go down to remote sign in and get in line for the “main floor café.”  When we’re ready to serve you we’ll text you. Please wear a mask as you approach our bakery through the corner door.  Order from the Bakery attendant and then we will bring your food and beverage out to you.    

All orders will have a required gratuity of 18% and 6% sales tax added automatically to your bill. You may close your tab if you’d like a receipt or keep it open if you desire.  If you choose to keep it open, we will close it automatically as you leave; though please know that we will not be able to provide a receipt if you choose this method.

We appreciate your patience as we learn to adjust to this new way of serving our guests!  

Sidewalk Wine Carafes

Your choice of Red, White, Sparkling Rose, Sparkling Dry, or Red Sangria

  • a *big* glass (8oz) $7.5

  • a few glasses (17oz) $14 

  • more than a bottle (34 oz) $26

Summer Cocktails

Aperol Spritz $12

Byrrh Spritz $12


Bertrand, Cabernet  $46

Vouvray, M Bredif  $64

Sancerre, Dom. Daulny  $64

Baron Fuente Champagne  $98

Baron Fuente Champagne, Rose  $98


Grey Goose Vodka  $10

Bulleit Bourbon  $9

Bulleit Rye  $9

Tanqueray Gin  $8

Neisson Blanc Rhum  $12

Courvoisier VS  $11

Monte Alban Silver  $8

Monte Alban Reposado  $8

Eastern Kille Coffee  $9

All Day Menu

The Pronto Pasta and 9th St Steaks are also available for table delivery when you order during their opening hours, see those menus for details         

Cheese with dried fruit and housemade baguette:

Marin French Cheese,

Petite Breakfast 2 oz. $8

Camembert 2 oz. $8

Marin French Cheese, Truffle 2oz. $9

Mt. Sterling, Sharp Goat Cheddar 2 oz. $7

Mertens house olive mix, fresh citrus $6

Mertens house olive mix, a little spice $6

Pommes frites $6

Olive tapenade $8

Garbanzo summer salad $13

Pate de campagne $12

Salmon rilettes $13

Smoked salmon plate $15

Salmon salad $18

Steak salad $18

Steak frites $25 

Sweets (rotates daily, examples below)



Coffee cake

Chocolate chip cookie

Fruit tart slice






Many more...